Thursday, January 21, 2010

Notice Anything Odd in This Video?

Anything? Anything at all?

Here's a hint: Not everyone in this video is sledding. Notice the cross-country skier going by after the guys make it down the hill?

Does it strike you as odd that a park would allow people to sled down a hill that crosses the beginner skiing trail?

In case you're wondering, we did see a kid crash directly into a novice skier. The woman saw the boy coming at the last minute, but was too inexperienced to propel herself forward quickly enough to avoid impact. No one was hurt, thank goodness, but I couldn't help but question a design that puts sledding children and novice skiers on a perpendicular collision course.

Still, we had a great time!


Shannon K. said...

That doesn't make much sense! We just took our kids sledding over the last weekend, and I can't tell you what mayhem is was!

First time here. Came by way of Snyder 5.

Angie said...

Welcome to our blog! Sledding IS total mayhem. I couldn't stop worrying that Rowan would get run over while climbing back up the hill!

The Jahnkes said...

That is an odd place for a cross country path. I would be a bit nervous to be skiing, Rowan and Kylie got going pretty fast.

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