Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting Preschool

Starting in August, Rowan will be going to a preschool/daycare three days a week. He seems excited, but he has lots (and lots and lots) of questions. Here was our conversation this morning:

Rowan: Am I going to sit on a wooden chair with a desk at school?
Me:, Rowan, it's just play school. You don't have to sit all day.
Rowan: [appalled] But aren't they going to teach me anything?!?!
Me: Yes, you'll learn things, but you don't need to sit at a desk to learn.

**long pause**

Rowan: Do you think they'll bring in a block of ice and have us do a science investigation?
Me: [laughing] I have no idea. Where did you even hear that?
Rowan: I saw it on Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids dot org. He draws pictures in a journal of everything he learns.
Me: We can get you a journal, if you want one.
Rowan: REALLY?!?! I do want one!

We meet with his new teacher on Friday. I'll warn her to expect lots (and lots and lots) of questions. ;-)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snapshots From the Cabin

Watching the boats go by.

Splashing in the cool water.

Contemplating a sand castle project.

Hauling buckets of water to wet the sand.

Practicing his casting.

How far did it go?

Fishing off the dock.


Being patient is hard!

Any tips, Grandpa?

Gramps offers some casting instruction.


Feeding the sunnies with Grandma...

...and Grandpa.

Silly boy!

Walking to the boat, fishing gear in tow.

First catch of the evening!

Say cheese!

"Can we keep it?"


"Just don't put it too close to me, Grandma!"

Mini golfer.






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