Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting Preschool

Starting in August, Rowan will be going to a preschool/daycare three days a week. He seems excited, but he has lots (and lots and lots) of questions. Here was our conversation this morning:

Rowan: Am I going to sit on a wooden chair with a desk at school?
Me:, Rowan, it's just play school. You don't have to sit all day.
Rowan: [appalled] But aren't they going to teach me anything?!?!
Me: Yes, you'll learn things, but you don't need to sit at a desk to learn.

**long pause**

Rowan: Do you think they'll bring in a block of ice and have us do a science investigation?
Me: [laughing] I have no idea. Where did you even hear that?
Rowan: I saw it on Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids dot org. He draws pictures in a journal of everything he learns.
Me: We can get you a journal, if you want one.
Rowan: REALLY?!?! I do want one!

We meet with his new teacher on Friday. I'll warn her to expect lots (and lots and lots) of questions. ;-)



Martha said...

Oh what a cute conversation...Rowan really thinks thing through!! Loved the story...Martha

Tribe of Adeline said...

Good luck to Rowan at preschool. Asking so many questions is a sign of being smart! Fun to hear what he has on his mind. Cute story.
Love, Bonnie

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