Monday, March 30, 2009


Rowan and I went to the zoo with my parents and Maddox recently. It was a sunny day, but the wind was fierce. As we strolled through the outdoor displays, I couldn't help but wonder if people from warm climates would enjoy a day at the zoo in 40-degree weather.

We were there to see the new farm babies. Unfortunately, that meant walking to the farthest reaches of the zoo. Rowan and Maddox had a blast, though. They especially loved feeding the goats and climbing on the pig statues.

Inside one of the buildings, there was pig statue with a window where the pig's stomach should be. Through the window, you could see all sorts of pig products, such as spam, hot dogs and pet treats. (Kinda gross, actually.) There was even a football inside. As Rowan stared at the contents of that fake pig's stomach, I could see the wheels turning. Then grandpa asked him a question.

Grandpa: Rowan, do you know why a football is called a pigskin?
Rowan: Sure do. It's cause they RIP THE SKIN [makes ripping motion with his arms] right off the pig and put it on the football! That's how they make it.

My dad and I burst out laughing.

Then, this morning, Rowan went on and on to Kyle about how people turn pigs' ears into dog treats. "And Daddy, the pigs are like, 'Hey, I can't hear anything! Where are my ears?!'"

I was worried that he might be a little freaked out by the pig statue, but he had no trouble eating babyback ribs tonight!

Here are a few pictures from our day:


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A 3-Year-Old's Take on Life

Rowan was hiding under a laundry basket in our spare bedroom this morning, having a conversation with himself. When Kyle happened upon him, they had this amusing exchange.

Kyle: What are you doing?
Rowan: I'm in my cage with my children.
Kyle: Oh yeah?
Rowan: Yep.
Kyle: What are your children's names?
Rowan: Not, Dot, Sot and Toot.
Kyle: Toot?
Rowan: Toot's the boy.
Kyle: Huh. Do your children have a mom?
Rowan: Yeah. Her name's Hot. She's my wife.

Based on this conversation, I surmised the following about Rowan's view of children, gender and marriage:
  • Kids trap you in a cage.
  • Boys toot.
  • Wives are hot.

Can anyone argue with that?

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