Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life Is Funny (Shopping Is Funnier)

Oh, that poor sales girl.

She didn’t see it coming.

But I couldn’t help it!

(I promise, I really couldn’t!)

It was just so absurd.

And I’m the kind of girl that laughs (hard) in the face of absurdity.

Tell me a joke? I’ll muster a polite chuckle.

Lend me your favorite comedy? I might crack a smile.

But try to convince me — in your sincerest voice — that men need special moisturizing products because of their “unique body oils,” “masculine hormones,” and “PH body specifications,” and I will launch into a spontaneous giggle fit!

And I will ask you if you’re really serious.

And I will tell you that I’m not trying to be mean.

And I will apologize profusely for my rudeness.

And I will explain that it’s been a long day.

And I will finally win you over by asking, “Didn’t you think it was ridiculous when someone told you to say that?”

(You did.)

And you will be smiling, but looking somewhat disillusioned, when I finally walk away without making a purchase.

And I will still be giggling.

Because that’s what I do.

I can’t help it.

Life is just too funny sometimes.


MollyinMinn said...

And that is why we love you.

The Jahnkes said...

you crack me up- I would be just politely nodding in agreement to the girl and then walk away- good for you

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