Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping Dialogue

If you see Kyle and I at a mall between now and December 25th, expect to hear the following conversation:

Angie: “What about this? Wouldn't this be nice?”

Kyle: “I don’t’ know.”

Angie: “Don't you like it?”

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: “Do you think [s/he/they] would like it?

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: “I mean, I like it…but do you think [s/he/they] would even like the same things that I do?

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: "What kind of stuff would [s/he/they] get excited about, anyway?"

Kyle: "I don't know."

Angie: “Oh my God... How is it even possible that I’ve known [her/him/them] for almost my whole life, but I still have no idea whether [s/he/they]'d even like this?”

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: “Isn’t that almost depressing??”

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: “I feel overwhelmed... Do you think we should we get it or not?”

Kyle: “I don’t know.”

Angie: “This is just too hard, isn’t it? Do you want to get a latte or something while we think about it?”

Kyle: “Yes.”

I hope your Christmas shopping is going better than ours is!


connie's said...

That is too funny Angie. I'll bet anyone shopping with a male would agree!!

Tribe of Adeline said...

It was fun shopping when the kids were little. Gary would put toys and games in the cart untill it was full. Now it is harder so we get help with the Grandkids from our kids. They all seem to have stuff and with all the new things out there I get overwhelmed! I love your story, Angie. Keep posting. It makes my day! Love, Margene

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