Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 Questions I Received After Making My Pregnancy Announcement

As an introvert, I must say that the hardest thing about announcing a pregnancy is responding to the sudden barrage of questions. So here are the answers to the top 10 questions people asked when I announced that we are expecting a baby in early November.

You ARE?


Are you excited?

Of course we are!

Have you been “trying?”


I mean, have you been trying this WHOLE time?

Oh, I see. No. Not at all. It just took some time for us (especially Kyle ;) to decide to have another baby. Even before we had Rowan, we knew we weren’t “two under 2” kind of people. So we weren’t in a hurry. And then, once Rowan was out of diapers, was able to dress himself, and was enrolled in preschool, it was hard to think about starting over.

Is Rowan excited?

Yes. He is now, at least. His first reaction was, “Are you serious?” followed quickly by “Why didn’t anyone ask me about this?” But after we told him that people might bring him presents after the birth being a big brother is really special, he started to feel much more excited.

Are you hoping for a girl this time?

Not really. I mean, I’m not NOT hoping for a girl. But I’m also not desperate for one either. I know it’s cliché, but I’m really just hoping for a healthy baby. And to be honest, raising boys is pretty darn fun…and simpler in many ways. (And we already have all the stuff!) But I’m sure a girl would be a fun change of pace as well. So the simple answer is: I will be thrilled whether it’s a boy OR a girl!

What about Rowan? Is he hoping for a brother or a sister?

Oh, now that’s a different story. Rowan wants a little brother. A brother. A brother. A brother. When we told him that we don’t know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, he said: “If it’s a girl, we can start over, right?” Um…no. “Well, then we have to keep it in a time out.” Okaaaay, then.

So…we might be finding out the sex of the baby this time around. That way, we have some time to prepare Rowan either way. If it’s a brother, he’ll be ecstatic. If it’s a sister…well, we’ll just remind him that people might bring him presents after the birth sisters are really special.

How are you feeling?

Good. I had a few weeks of morning/noon/evening sickness, but that seems to have lifted at this point. It’s nice when hunger actually feels good!

So your mom told me you were pregnant, but she said it was a “secret.” What was that about?

Ah, yes. The secret wasn’t that I was pregnant. The secret was that she told YOU that I was pregnant before I wanted her to. HA! Totally kidding! Actually, the real deal is that I told family about the news before I told work. So I just didn’t want anyone “outing” me on Facebook before I had all my ducks in a row. What can I say? I’m in marketing. I like to control the spread of information! Much harder in today’s world, I must say.

Are you experiencing [gas, nipple pain, discharge or other intensely private symptom]?

Uh…unless you are my midwife, a close female relative or a very good friend, I’m not really going to respond to that. Sound good?

Bonus Question (because no one has really asked this one): Do you have a nickname for the baby?

Yes. We call the baby Bubs.

That about does it! Now that I’m feeling less nauseous and a bit more energetic, I’m excited to get back to blogging (and reading YOUR blogs, too). See you around the blogosphere!


Tribe of Adeline said...

Question #11....Did Grandma Michelle cry when you told her? Auntie, Margene

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
britta said...

Congrats!!!! Can't wait to read more blog posts!

MollyinMinn said...

Well done Angie. That should cover off people for awhile. Questions averted for at least a week.

Angie said...

Oh Margene, I thought you were talking about Grandma Adeline! Now, when I read your question again, I realize it was Grandma Michelle!!

Too funny!


~Isabel said... the nick-name for the baby!!

But oy....those questions? ;)

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