Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Social Media Personality

I don't know what to say about my periodic absences from the blogosphere. One minute, I'm all:

"This is SO FUN! What can I share next? The duct tape in my crappy refrigerator, perhaps? A wacky illustration showing the contents of a disheveled room? Or how about a gratitude list that extols the virtues of ugly underwear? That would be FANTASTIC!"

And then, just before I'm tempted to snap a photo of myself without mascara, my personality suddenly shifts. And I'm like:

"Who the heck is reading this? Do I really want them to know that I once pretended to be a piece of poop to get my kid to use the toilet? Or that we have a perpetual laundry pile on our living room couch? And have I seriously written two posts about ugly underwear? Who DOES that?"

Well, lucky for . . . someone? . . . social Angie is back! (I think.)

And my first order of business is to alert you to a fun opportunity to support a good cause. My friend Molly over at The Snyder 5 is organizing a Twin Cities rummage sale to benefit Feeding America. I'm helping out, along with several other Minnesota bloggers. Stop by her blog to learn more!

And while you do that, I'll be thinking about more creative ways to overshare on the Internet. I think I can do better than a third post about ugly underwear, but only time will tell.


MollyinMinn said...

I for one am glad you are back. And I'd say that even if you didn't just link to me. Now get back to poops, I mean proofs.

CM said...

I followed Molly's tweet over here. So glad I did! You are a riot, my friend!

I totally get how you're feeling. I've felt the same way too. Thanks for this honest post.

Tribe of Adeline said...

I'm happy you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, auntie Margene

Two Minute Takes said...

Thanks to Molly's tweet I came over here and snuck a peek and glad I did. Between your posts and Molly's at Synder 5 I may never have to watch another comedy show again. You both make me laugh out loud! Thank you :)

Angie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! It's hard jumping back in after a lapse, but you've given me motivation!

Andrea said...

Hey - Glad you are back. I missed you...

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