Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Kid Needs the Tiny Font

This week, Rowan's preschool sent home a list that includes the holiday wishes of everyone in class. I had to laugh when I scanned down to Rowan's wish. While it appears that the other kids could easily blurt out a simple want or need, Rowan required a drastic reduction in font size.

What did he say?

"What I want for Christmas is in a book with toys and stuff that you can get for Christmas."

My guess is that the sentence should have ended with a "..." because I highly doubt he planned to end there. How do I know? I've heard this wish before:
"What I want for Christmas is in a book with toys and stuff that you can get for Christmas. It's a special car wash race track that shoots water* and then the cars land in the water. But the cars don't get wet until the end, because the water shoots over the cars until they land in the pool."
Maybe they didn't have a font tiny enough to include the whole thing?

*I know what you're thinking: "A water-shooting race track? What a mess!" Well, you'll be happy to know that Rowan now wants a Lightning McQueen race track that absolutely does NOT shoot water. I wonder if it was our most recent trip to Target that changed his mind. ("Oh my gosh, Rowan, look at this race track! It's sooo cool! Don't you think it's cool?") Hmmm...I wonder.

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MollyinMinn said...

Ah yes, the power of persuasion! I use it many times myself.

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