Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A 3-Year-Old's Take on Life

Rowan was hiding under a laundry basket in our spare bedroom this morning, having a conversation with himself. When Kyle happened upon him, they had this amusing exchange.

Kyle: What are you doing?
Rowan: I'm in my cage with my children.
Kyle: Oh yeah?
Rowan: Yep.
Kyle: What are your children's names?
Rowan: Not, Dot, Sot and Toot.
Kyle: Toot?
Rowan: Toot's the boy.
Kyle: Huh. Do your children have a mom?
Rowan: Yeah. Her name's Hot. She's my wife.

Based on this conversation, I surmised the following about Rowan's view of children, gender and marriage:
  • Kids trap you in a cage.
  • Boys toot.
  • Wives are hot.

Can anyone argue with that?



The Jahnkes said...

that is so funny- Kids really do have great imaginations

Val said...

He's got it all right! Funny boy!

Michelle said...

I certainly can't argue with that! Love it!

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