Friday, January 1, 2010

Meat Eater

I can't bring myself to post about holidays and major milestones. Finding something meaningful to say on days like Christmas, New Year's Day or my son's birthday is just too much pressure.

So instead of musings about a new decade or a list of resolutions, I give you a picture that our little artist drew today (labeled by me for your convenience):

I bet you're wondering why I chose to post this picture. After all, kids produce a ton of artwork. Why share a drawing of a meat-eating rock?

Well, once you read the conversation that occured while Rowan was creating this picture, I think you'll understand why it's now one of my favorites.

Rowan: "Mama, I can use markers and glue sticks without any help now."

Me: "I know. You're getting so big. You can do a lot of things all by yourself.

Rowan: "And I know a lot of stuff, too."

Me: "Yep."

Rowan: "Like about science and space."

Me: "Mmm Hmm"

Rowan: "Like I know that when an asteroid falls to Earth, it becomes a meat-eater."

Me: "A meat-eater?"

Rowan: "Yeah, it's an asteroid up in space, and then it falls down to Earth and becomes a meat-eater."

Me: [thinking...then cracking up!] "Oh my God, Rowan! Do you mean a meteor?!"

Rowan: [thinking...then smiling sheepishly] "Oh yeah. That's right. A meteor!"

The thought of him imagining a world in which rocks fall from space and transform into razor-toothed carnivores gave me the best laugh I've had this year! ;-)

Wishing you lots of laughs in 2010!


The Jahnkes said...

That is so cute- I have books of cute conversations I have with my kids- they are just priceless

MollyinMinn said...

so so so so cute! love him.

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