Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My kid can read!

Well, not quite. That would be an exaggeration. Probably even a downright lie.

But he has learned a bunch of new sounds and words over the past couple of weeks!

I can’t take any of the credit, though. He’s been playing Headsprout* — an online video game that teaches phonics. The game has 80 levels, which are called episodes. After playing the free trial episodes (and loving them), we purchased the first 40 episodes for about $100.

Expensive? Yes. But we’ve been quite impressed by the program.

After only five episodes, our little guy could read his very first story! (Don’t get too excited. I can type the whole thing in about five seconds: See Vee. See San. See the van.)

He plays each episode a couple of times before moving on. He’s now on episode 8.

I just hope he doesn’t get sick of it. Using a computer to teach reading is a lazy parent’s dream!

*I'm not affiliated with Headsprout and receive no money for recommending their products. Just thought I'd share something we've been enjoying. If you would like to send me money, though, contact me at takesmoneyfromanyone@email.com.**

**This is not a real e-mail address.***

***I'm sorry if this is your real e-mail address...unless you get money because of it...then I'm mad.


The Jahnkes said...

Hey, I'm a lazy mom- I use the computer all the time.

Jodi Duden-Clare said...

Hi Angie. I read your blog all the time. It's very good and comical. I was wondering if you have ever checked out www.coupons.com. You might like some of the coupons there. I totally relate to your coupon comments, but I do like that website. There are lots of coupons for non-food items.

Angie said...

Thanks, Jodi! I'll check it out. I was thinking that coupons might be more useful for things like toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, etc.

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