Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Things I Carried to and From My Car Today...

...multiple times... the freezing cold...

  1. My keys
  2. My purse
  3. My briefcase
  4. My heels
  5. My Target returns
  6. My 4-year-old
  7. My 4-year-old's snow pants, boots, extra gloves and change of clothing
  8. My 4-year-old's worksheets and artwork
  9. My reusable co-op bags — first empty, and then filled with groceries
  10. Myself — complete with hat, coat, gloves, boots, Cuddle Duds and performance fleece


I felt so horribly weighed down today.

And cold.

So. Stinkin'. Cold.

Can't we all just stay home until spring arrives?


The Jahnkes said...

I'm tellin' ya- hop on a plane and get out here

GiGi said...

I feel you on the cold. Im in the south and my nose is frozen. Yikes

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