Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Kid's Response to Watching American Idol Last Night

"That singer sounds really good!" [Dancing his funky dance.] "I like this show!"

"That guy's voice is way too explosiony. It hurts my ears."

"I don't think that sounds very good, mama. Do you think it sounds very good?"

"He's kind of weird. Why is he being like that?"

"Mama, are you sure this show isn't too scary for me?"


MollyinMinn said...

No, Rowan, this show is definitely too scary for you.

Val said...

I think Rowan should be an actual judge, sounds like he has a good ear for what is really "good" music. Let me know who he has picked to be the winner. Also, give that kid a hug from Great Aunt Val.

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