Monday, November 9, 2009

Ugly Web Site Beef Stew

Recipe reviews are so annoying. In theory, they should be totally useful. Learning from the experiences of others could prevent disaster or improve an already wonderful dish. But some reviewers simply go too far. Ever read one like this?

RECIPE: Chef4You44’s Thai Beef Curry

KookingKutie wrote: “This recipe was AMAZING! I made a few changes, though, to suit our family. Instead of beef, I used chicken (had it in the freezer – BIG sale, woohoo!). And instead curry paste and coconut milk (WAY too spicy for DH), I simmered the chicken in stock with some fresh thyme and root vegetables. We didn’t have rice, so I finished it off with some egg noodles. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep ‘em coming!”

Okay, real reviews aren’t usually that bad, but some are pretty close!

So when I was searching for a low-carb* beef stew recipe a couple of weeks ago, I was rather intrigued by this one. After wading through gobs of reviews for various versions on the Food Network, simplicity proved oddly refreshing. No impeccable photos. No long-winded reviews. Just a basic recipe sitting on a totally boring, poorly designed diet site.

So I made it. And it was good! I only made a few changes. (HA! You knew this was coming.)
  • Instead of a can of plain stewed tomatoes, I used fire-roasted tomatoes with diced green chiles (nice and spicy!)
  • Instead of a cube of beef bouillon, I used a teaspoon of organic Better than Bouillon (you know, because it’s better)
  • And instead of zucchini, I used some cauliflower
  • Oh, and I try to use grass-fed beef and organic ingredients whenever possible.

That’s it!

I’ve made three batches over the past couple of weeks to bring to work for lunch. And I’m not sick of it yet! (Now that sounds like an honest review.)


*Why am I eating low-carb? Well, I’m not. Not really, at least. I was just in one of those “I really need to watch it or I won’t make it to the other side of winter without having to buy bigger pants” kinds of moods when I was looking for a recipe.


Tribe of Adeline said...

I LOVE what you have to say every day. Please keep it up. I LOVE to look st recepies and when I make one I almost always add something or change one or more of the ingredients. It depends on what I have on hand. Keep on FUMBLING TOWARD FAMILY! I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE. Love, Margene

Aeryn said...

i approve of your suggestion for the spicey tomatoes instead! but honestly, i can't eat a beef stew with out the thick broth and potatoes......

- erin

Angie said...

Thanks, auntie Margene!

Erin, this definitely isn't traditional beef stew. It's more like a spicy vegetable soup. If I think of it that way, I don't miss the potatoes...much. ;)

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