Monday, November 30, 2009

Right, Wrong and Rowan

Rowan says he's making a magazine.

Naturally, it looks nothing like a all. The loosely formed mass is comprised of paper that Rowan has cut up, painted, and stuck together using what he calls "sticky things" (tape, staples, string, glue sticks and gift ribbon).

He's been working on his magazine for more than a week. One day, as I pondered the project's total takeover of our dining room table, I told Rowan that he was holding his scissors the wrong way. His response? "There isn't a wrong way to hold a scissors, mama. As long as it's cutting, it's fine."


It wasn't the first time he had corrected me about his methods. "This is how they show me to hold my pencil in preschool," he once declared, demonstrating his tripod grip. "But now I'm making art. I need to hold my pencil the crazy way because it helps me make wild circles and fireworks!"

"Oh, I see," I responded. "That makes sense."

On that note, I have a special request for Rowan's future teachers: Please, please, please don't crush my little guy's artistic dreams just because he colors outside the lines or has absolutely no interest in drawing anything that looks like anything you'd ever recognize. I like him just the way he is.

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