Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snack Attack

It was my turn to “bring snack” for our ECFE class today. It’s an annoying task, really. Each week, one parent is required to purchase three different snacks: one appropriate for the infant/toddler room, one appropriate for the preschool room, and one appropriate for the parent room.

Last week, our parent educator informed us that we should no longer buy cereal for the infant/toddler room. “They have more Cheerios and Kicks than they know what to do with!” was her exact quote. So instead, they want us to buy packages of special cereal and fruit puffs from the baby food aisle.


Is anyone else a little confused by this logic? If they have an overabundance of Cheerios and Kicks, why don’t they just feed the babies Cheerios and Kicks? Why do we need to buy anything at all? Can’t the babies make it through a 1-hour class without special puffs to sustain them?

I don’t get it.

But the baby snack was the least of my problems. In the old days, we were allowed to bring homemade treats for the parent snack. Not everyone did, of course, but it was always nice when someone took the time to bake a pretty tart or cake for the group.

Not anymore!

“Due to concerns about H1N1, homemade snacks are no longer allowed in the parent room,” was the official position given by our educator.


Is anyone else a little confused by this logic? I mean, I understand if the concern is about dirty kitchens, poisoning attempts or allergies…but H1N1? Why are muffins baked at 350 degrees in someone’s home any more likely to carry H1N1 than a plastic tub of mini scones that who knows how many people have touched at Target?

I ended up buying the puffs for the babies, some crackers for the preschoolers and an assortment of mini scones and rolls for the parents. More than $35 later, I had an acceptable snack.

You know what would really prevent H1N1? How about not passing around a snack at all? Can’t we all make it through a 9 a.m. class without nourishment?


britta said...

My logic question...I thought ECFE was cheap and/or free to attend. I know at least for "low income" families it must be...how do they expect people who live paycheck to paycheck to spend 40ish bucks on snacks!? I think it should be BYOS!

The Jahnkes said...

I completely agree. When I use to take the kids to playgroup in Tasmania we would each brought a piece of fruit per child and then it would get cut up, put on plates and all the kids would snack on them. until, they decided that was germ spreading, unless we could teach our 2,3,and 4 year olds to use tongs. I guess not being a germafobe had no problem with one kid touching a piece of fruit before mine put it in his mouth. My kids are never sick. There is something to be said about sharing germs.
And I also like to have something homemade myself.

Angie said...

I agree with you, Britta. We have a huge income gap in our class and yet everyone feels obligated to bring snacks. And we have a HUGE class!

I'm not a germaphobe either, Kelly. Frankly, the homemade snacks were much better...and cheaper!

britta said...

I am sure homemade snacks are more healthy too! No preservatives junk! What is the world coming to!

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