Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Today

I'm not feeling well enough for silly stories or deep thoughts today. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow. Please, please, pretty please tomorrow?

I'm sick of being sick! (Is it just me, or is daytime television even worse than it used to be?)


Tribe of Adeline said...

Gary and I have been lucky so far. we did get the first flu shot. We have been out and around people but so far we are ok. We hope you and all the other relatives start feeling better.Keep us posted. Love, Margene

MollyinMinn said...

Nope, I think TV has always been that bad. We just grew up and so to did out tastes. When I am stuck home HGTV is my friend, but one would need cable for the ;)

That said, cute slippers. Feel better.

Val said...

Sorry to hear you're so sick. How are the boys taking care of you. I'm sure like a queen. Your slippers are quite cute. Have Kyle go out and rent you some movies, or go to the library and get some for free! Take care, Val

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