Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shared Interest?

I’ve been feeling rather lousy today (aches, fever, chills), so I’m not nearly as verbose as usual. But I thought I’d share a sweet/funny moment that Rowan and I had earlier this evening. We were cuddled up on opposite sides of the couch, watching cooking shows on TPT Life.

Rowan: Did you see that, mama? She’s gonna brine the pork chops in sugar. I love sugar!

Me: It doesn’t taste sugary when it’s done.

Rowan: Yes it does! I think that’s a pretty good trick.

Me: We can try that sometime, if you want to.

[Long pause...]

Me: You know what, Rowan? I really like watching these shows with you. It’s a special thing that just you and I do together.

Rowan: Yeah...

[Long pause…]

Rowan: Were you telling the truth when you said this is the only thing on?

Me: Yes.

[Long pause…]

Rowan: I guess I like watching these shows with you, too.

Me: Thanks, buddy. I love you.

Rowan: I love you, too.

1 comment:

The Jahnkes said...

so sweet- I love my conversations with my kids- the innocents is great

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