Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mystery Solved: Strep Throat

We wasted our entire day in urgent care!

Well, that’s not exactly true.

We wasted our entire day at Minute Clinic and in urgent care.

I suppose it was our own fault for leaving Minute Clinic. We waited there for over an hour to earn the coveted “next in line” spot. So when the practitioner informed us that he’d be taking a 30-minute break before our visit, we were mad. Irrationally mad.

We left.

Kyle found a pediatric urgent care clinic near our house that — at the time we called — had only two patients in the waiting room. ("At the time we called" is the key phrase here.)

But before we discuss urgent care, I'd like to share a few special moments from Minute Clinic/CVS:

  • A woman bought a Snuggie — you know, one of those blanket/dress thingies they pitch on T.V. — for her DOG! (Yes, they make them for dogs.)
  • Another woman cleared the store out of canned vienna sausages! CANNED sausages!
  • And yet another woman slowly worked her way down the “As Seen on T.V.” aisle, praising the virtues of each product to her friend. Bumpits, Wonder Hangers, Space Bags… Rowan was positively star struck!

Anyhoo, urgent care.

What a mistake.

We sat for what felt like an eternity among whining, coughing, sniffling kiddos. Blech. And let me tell you, it's not easy restraining a 4-year-old who wants to look at books "like the boy with the mask."

At least we left with a diagnosis — strep throat — and a prescription for antibiotics. I almost asked for something for myself after sitting that germ-factory. (Kyle is now reminding me that I did ask him for something: wine.)

So our little guy earned himself a “get out of preschool free” card for tomorrow. Here's hoping that this was our last trip to urgent care for the season.

Cross your fingers for us, will ya?


Martha said...

I am glad you got a diagnosis after all that!!! I hope he feels better soon.. Love, Martha

Tribe of Adeline said...

I'm glad you took him in. It is hard when kids are sick one day and feel good the next and sick again. Most of the time they send you hone without drugs anyway. I'm glad he got help. Love, Margene

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