Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feeding America Rummage Sale

Both the advertising gods and the weather gods conspired against us, but we persevered! Local bloggers from throughout the metro area raised more than $900 for Feeding America this morning.


One 50-cent piece of clothing at a time, that’s how!

My friend, Molly, organized a huge rummage sale with the help of more than 25 bloggers and their families. All proceeds went to Feeding America — a hunger relief organization that, locally, supports Second Harvest Heartland.

Although the event was a huge success, there a few hiccups (naturally). The signs Molly and I hung up the day before were promptly removed by a maintenance worker. Darn.

And the weather wasn’t what we expected (or, ahem, what had been predicted). Strangely enough, as soon as the sale ended, the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. Not fair.

But none of that mattered. People showed up and were eager to take home some great finds — and support a worthy cause.

I had a fab time and met some wonderful women while sorting through the baby clothing. Too bad the sale wasn’t a few weeks later! We still don’t know whether Bubs is a boy or a girl, so held back from making any purchases. I'm a disciplined girl!

Some snapshots from the day:

Molly, looking quite official at the pay table.

The stuff. Did I mention there was a lot of stuff?

Me with Kate and her adorable daughter, Grace. (I was wearing a hat to protect myself from the sun. They say the rays penetrate the clouds, right?)

Rowan and Kyle hung out for much of the morning. Ro conquered a seriously ginormous slide...

...and a seriously high web climby thingy.

Eventually, the rain came. And the wind. And the thunder. And the lightning.

In the end, though, our efforts will result in much-needed meals for hungry Minnesota children and families!

I'd sit for hours in the rain and cold for that anyday! (Especially among such great women!)


alicia said...

Glad you persevered and won. That last picture shows the weather well.

darcie said...

great to hang out together and support a great cause!
what an amazing group of people!

MollyinMinn said...

Ha ha, yes, I do look quite official there, don't I. Which is funny as I think me sitting for that photo was the only time I sat all day.

Thanks again for all of the help through the entire weekend. You are a great friend.

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