Monday, November 24, 2008

Stupid Things That Cost $1

I'll admit that I'm a bit sheltered (and quite possibly a food snob), but I couldn't believe my eyes when I encountered the following freaks of nature at a nearby grocery store.

1. Microwave-ready potatoes. They're regular russet potatoes that have been washed and individually wrapped in some kind of fancy new plastic that doesn't melt in the microwave. Each potato costs 99 cents.

2. Grapples (pronounced grape-els, according to the package). They're regular apples that have been "bathed" in a concoction of natural and artificial grape flavor and encased in a hard plastic carton. A package of four costs $3.99.

Why? Seriously... Why?


The Jahnkes said...

apparently eating raw foods from the ground is just to primevil for scientist nowdays

britta said...

Sounds fake...and sick!

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