Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Day

Tuesday was such an amazing day. Exciting, nerve-wracking, historic, emotional and SO MUCH FUN! Naturally, it helped that our presidential candidate won!

We voted first thing in the morning. Our polling place is only two blocks from our house. Rowan actually ran the whole way, shouting "Barack Obama heeeeere weeeeee cooooome!" He thought we were going to visit Obama at his house. I think his enthusiasm died just a bit when finally made it through the line only to be greeted by a ballot and a permanent marker.

In the evening, we watched the results roll in at an election-night party at my friend Bev's house. I arrived with a flourless "Barackolat" torte. I stenciled Obama's face onto the torte with powdered sugar! The cake was a big hit (and everyone said it tasted great too).

Bev hosted quite the shindig! The picture above includes only a portion of the party goers. I hear there was even a lone Republican in attendance! (She didn't stay long enough for me to meet her. I hope she wasn't scared off by the cheering as the big battleground states fell for Obama.)

Rowan spent the party playing games with the kiddos upstairs. He was NOT excited when it was time to leave. (I wasn't really either, honestly.)

Hope you had a great election day!


1 comment:

Val said...

Angie that cake was great! I'm jealous you went to a party that night. It was a fantastic evening though, very historic. Rowan will probably meet his president one day. Love, Val

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