Monday, March 7, 2011

Four Generations

Yesterday, on Kyle's birthday, Kyle's Grandpa Obert passed away at age 91.

Whenever I saw him, he made a point to grab my arm and tell me that I had a really nice boy (and now boys). Of course I agreed with his assessment. And I always felt that he, having raised four boys himself, was exceptionally qualified to make such a judgement. A compliment from him surely meant twice as much.

We will miss him!


Michelle said...

So sorry to hear of Kyle's grandpa passing. You are in our thoughts!

Tribe of Adeline said...

My sympathies to you and your family.Losing a family member is really hard! Mom talked about him. She knew him years ago and enyoyed seeing him again at your family gatherings. She will also be sad to hear of his passing. I'm sorry he died on Kyle's birthday but he did pick a special day. You will never forget it. Gary died on Patty's birthday. Love from Margene

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