Monday, February 28, 2011

Postpartum Shape-Up Week 6: Re-engaging After Illness

Just a quick post this week about my postpartum shape-up efforts. Miles, Kyle and I were hit with a nasty cold last week, so my Couch to 5K plan was put on temporary hold. I start week 4 today, though, and am also renewing my commitment to the No S Diet.

After losing 10 pounds last month, I have no intention of quitting now. Perhaps I can be back to my prepregnancy weight by spring! Wouldn't that be nice?

Current Weight (taken morning of 2/28/11):


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Michelle said...

Keep going, Angie! You are doing great! You are totally motivating me and I've lost three pounds now! (Of course, having all day with nothing to do is certainly helping me get my butt to the club.) Keep up the great work!

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