Friday, February 4, 2011

My Boys at Thirteen Weeks

Rowan, 13 Weeks

Miles, 13 Weeks

People often focus on how different Miles and Rowan look, but I see a lot of similarities in their faces here. Shave Miles' head and add a little heft to Rowan, and you might have two boys who look quite a bit alike.

Miles continues to be such a sweet baby. Talk to him happily, and you're sure to get a smile and a coo. He's becoming more skilled at grasping things and now attempts to bring things to his mouth. Oh, and the drooling has begun! Will a tooth soon be on the way?

1 comment:

connie's said...

Angie, the boys do look alot alike! I also see Breck in Rowan's younger pictures. Miles sitting in the bumbo in so cute!! Give them hugs from us.
Love ya, Connie

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