Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Despite my love of quirky or homemade Halloween costumes, Rowan insisted on being "Iron Man 2" this year.

Yep. My kid asked to be a character from a sequel to a movie that he has never even seen. Man, those marketers are smart!

But he did make a pretty darn adorable Iron Man 2. Here he is before venturing out with some of our neighbors.

What a tough guy!

He felt so proud to be cruising the neighborhood with the big kids.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting on the arrival of our littlest pumpkin. I'm due on Tuesday!
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MollyinMinn said...

Oh Angie, he looks so BIG! And yes, I said, he, not you.

Nicole said...

What a cute belly, oh and Iron Man!

Andrea said...

You are tooo darn cute!!!!!!!! in your t shirt!!!


Becki D said...

Oh goodness, I *love* the pumpkin T and preggo belly. You are adorable!

Anonymous said...

You are glowing as is your little pumpkin belly! Love your shirt, did you do that or purchase it like that? I have no doubt your little iron man is going to make a fantastic big brother.

Anonymous said...

Love your belly!! How adorable!!

My boys all love Iron Man too.

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