Monday, September 13, 2010

Rowan's First Day of Pre-K!

I swear, this little baby boy growing inside of me is going to be creative and energetic — a real go-getter. How do I know? Because he has sucked these qualities out of his mother!

But now, after a much-needed summer break, I will attempt to get back into blogging. We have too many huge milestones coming up for me neglect our only baby book for Rowan and his soon-to-be-born baby brother.

Our first big milestone of the fall: Rowan's first day of pre-k!

We started the morning with Rowan's favorite breakfast: French toast with whipped cream and maple syrup, bacon and strawberries. He slept great last night and woke up excited for his big day.

Dressed and ready to go! Thank God for school uniforms. I never have to worry about what he's going to wear or whether his outfit matches. Heaven, in my book.

He's ready! (Yes, we eventually ditched the gum.)

Stepping onto the bus. This is the moment when most moms lose it, but I was determined to put on a happy face when Rowan peeked out the window.

And he did peek! You can see Kyle's smiling reflection in Rowan's silhouette.

Then the bus pulled away, and I did start to lose it. But just a little bit.

How was his day? Well, I wasn't expecting "A kid freaked out and puked!" to be one his first reports about the day. He didn't seem bothered, though (until I made him wash his hands for a full 60 seconds). He said he had lots of fun and looks forward to going again tomorrow. All in all, a successful first day!


Michelle said...

Fun for Rowan! Glad you were able to hold it together until the bus left. I did that last year when Mira went to kindergarten. Never let them see you cry! Hope he likes day 2 just as much . . . but that no one pukes!

Jen Westpfahl said...

He's so handsome. I can't believe you made that great breakfast on a school day. My kids are lucky to get dry Rice Krispees. :(

Martha said...

Boy, did that breakfast make me hungry!! Rowan is lucky to have a chef for a mother! He looks so very proud! Love, Martha

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