Thursday, June 24, 2010

21 Weeks ~ More Than Half Way!

On Tuesday, I hit the 21-week mark. More than half way done!

I can't believe how much faster this pregnancy is going than my first. We've been so busy, busy, busy that I've barely had time to blog.

But we did snap a picture this week. I plan to be better about taking weekly pictures from now on. This time around, though, my belly will be covered. I'm not sure why I thought I'd want photo documentation of my bare skin stretching and growing during my pregnancy with Rowan. Older and wiser now, I guess.

I'm feeling good at this point. The nausea subsided some time ago, and I even eat eggs without gagging! Chipotle still isn't my fav, but I think that's probably just a case of burrito burnout.

My energy level is decent, and I can move around without trouble. We've started visiting the pool and going on family walks for exercise. I park on the top level of the parking ramp and take the stairs at work.

We're eating TONS of veggies, thanks to our community supported agriculture share. And I'm trying to eat lots of healthy proteins as well.

I have no idea how much weight I've gained so far, since we don't have a scale. I gained about 40 pounds with Rowan, though, so I won't be surprised if this pregnancy follows that pattern. (But I would be absolutely FINE if it didn't!)

I've been feeling Bubs kick since about 16 weeks. Kyle felt a little nudge on the outside of my belly around 18-19 weeks. Rowan still hasn't felt him move and is quite frustrated! Bubs even got a little lecture the other day about not kicking hard enough! ("C'mon, Bubs, it's me! Your big brother!")

I'm now solidly in maternity shirts. I can still wear some of my prepregnancy dress pants with a BeBand, but I'll likely need to invest in some more maternity clothes soon.

That's enough rambling for now! Time for bed!


MollyinMinn said...

Good call on the keeping the belly covered. At least from my perspective, not that I am saying it isn't adorable. But I kept trying to take bare belly shots with all three boys and those photos are HORRIFYING. Blech.

You look fabulous though.

Robby and Michelle said...

You look awesome! Can't wait to meet Bubs!

Grandpa Robby

Stacy of KSW said...

well, you are just the most adorable pregnant lady I have ever seen. Truly! You look fantastic :)

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