Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chipotle Is Not the Plan

Um...yeah. When I said that I had a plan to tackle my kid's picky eating and reduce dinnertime stres, I had forgotten that Chipotle was on tonight's menu.

The good news? Dinner went just fine. No complaints. Clean plates.

The bad news? I can't feed my kid bean and cheese quesadillas every night for the rest of his life. (Can I?)

More on our real picky eater plan coming soon...


britta said...

My mom would love to get her hands on the antiques in the background if she saw these pics!

The Jahnkes said...

you can if you hide some veg in them. the pickiness in my household is overwhelming at times- Some nights I give up and just make popcorn for dinner.

Kelly said...

Cheese is a dairy and beans are a protein! Sounds fair to me! haha! LOVE Chipolte.. yumm.

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