Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Toilet!

Kyle just removed the main-floor toilet from our historic 1936 home. We were surprised to discover that the inscription on the lid reads:

Sept. 16, 1936
Made in the USA

Cool, huh? Our toilet is 72 years old TODAY!

We plan to replace the flooring in the tiny bathroom and reinstall the toilet with a new seat and wax ring (it was leaking). We had been considering buying a new toilet, but today's discovery felt like a sign. The toilet is in good shape, really. And I have to admit, the newer low-flow models can be rather annoying despite their "green cred."

I'll have to post a pictorial tour of our house sometime soon. Believe it or not, we live in the former parsonage of the Lutheran church just around the corner. We've been repainting and decorating, but it's amazing how long it takes us to finish projects. In fact, we've been living without a door on our second-floor bathroom for... I can't even admit how long. But don't worry, the door is painted and ready for hanging. I'm not sure that I'll know what to do with my newfound privacy!

(Who is glad that Rowan's birthday is approaching, forcing us to finish various projects before his party.)


Aeryn said...

72 years? if you ask me, that's a damn sustainable toilet. :)

MollyinMinn said...

Wow...our strange "twins separated at birth" thing continues...our old house, well it wasn't the parsonage, but it was built as the home for the janitor for the church across the street. Happy birthday toilet!


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