Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pedal, Baby, Pedal!

With chants of "Drill, baby, drill!" filling the Xcel Energy Center, I think it's fitting to announce that we're now a one-car family!

But before you go thinking that we're green, I'll admit that the decision wasn’t ours. My silver Ford Escort with the orange hubcap — the car I bought when I turned 17 — won’t start. After serving me well for nearly 12 years, it now sits in our garage among the other junk and unfinished projects.

We don’t really know what’s wrong with the car, so there’s a chance that we (“we” meaning someone else who knows something about cars) can fix it. But I won't be holding my breath.

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t missed the second car. In fact, we rarely used it when it did work. Our house is perfectly situated for commuting to either downtown by bus or bike.

Kyle totes his bike to work on the bus and then pedals home. He'd bike both ways, but his employer doesn't have on-site showers. Maybe biking to work will be more practical now that the weather is cooler.

A side benefit: Kyle comes home in such a good mood when he's biking! The sunshine, fresh air and exercise must be a welcome change from fluorescent-lit cubicle land. And our pocket books are happy, too. We don't even fill our gas tank once a week.

At least we can feel good knowing that we've further reduced our family's dependence on big oil.

Every bit counts! (Something to keep me sane this election season.)


*Shall I continue with the disclaimers? I think not. I don't plan to make this a political blog, anyway. I'm not enough of an expert (AT ALL) for that. I just need to get my feelings off my chest sometimes! And I think that it will be fun for Rowan to know how his mama felt during this history-making election.


Aeryn said...

i'm having a hard time diverting my eyes, too. i missed the rnc speeches on tv, so i tried to watch them online. i couldn't force myself through Giuliani's, 10minutes into Palin's she was still introducing her family, and at least McCain didn't attack Team Obama every second he had of airtime. "Being a mayor is like being a public organizer, only with actual responsibilities." Both Giuliani and Palin used that line in their speeches... ouch.

i don't even know how i got so into this... i'm normally not opinionated/interested about politics.

- erin

Anonymous said...

I so thrilled for you. Our kids are so strong and independent now that we are car-free. I'd love to have you meet my friends who have one car and rarely drive it. They have a GO-to pass and learn so much about community on the bus.

It is a very cool way of life. Welcome to the car-lite club.

wild violets said...

Okay, had to comment again. Erich and I became a one-car family while we were living in North St. Paul 8 years ago and have continued it. It has so many advantages...better for the environment and the pocketbook and the body. Love it!

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