Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yes, We Still Have a Baby

And here's a peek into what our family's littlest member was up to over the past few months...

Here's Miles at 4 months old. This month brought Miles' first weeks of daycare... and he has had a runny nose ever since. Not surprisingly, this also was the month that brought an end to my regular blogging. The constant stream of illnesses (mine, Miles' and Rowan's) was more than I could take. Thankfully, winter did finally end, and we all become well again... sometime around early July.

Here's Miles at 5 months old. Miles continued to have illnesses on and off this month, and I was struck by a bug as well. This month was honestly a bit of a blur. What I do remember is that Miles continued to be outrageously cute, and I was a good enough mom to capture his cuteness on film at a Target Portrait Studios. (Yes, this is a picture of a picture.)

Here's Miles at 6 months old. Let the army crawling begin! Miles also began to sit up somewhat unassisted during this month, although he remained rather wobbly until he reached 7 months old. Da da da da da was (and is) his favorite sound to make, much to my dismay. A doctor appointment around this time revealed that Miles weighed 19 pounds!

Miles at 7 months old. Sitting up is no problem! Miles also started to go from crawling back to sitting again as he neared 8 months old. He loves screaming matches, saying da da da da (still!) and being around other people at all times.

Ahhhhh. (That was a sigh of relief.) Now that you know what's been happening with our little guy, I can write an update about what he's doing now at 8 months old.

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Tribe of Adeline said...

Miles is adorable and I can tell you are enjoying him. Now the fun begins, where he no longer stays in one place! Thanks for the cute pictures.......Love, Bonnie

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