Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Nephews!

I must interrupt additional San Francisco posts to announce some big news! Courtney and Joel's twins were born on Friday! Charlie Marvin and Breck Thomas both weighed over 6 pounds and are doing great!

We stopped by the hospital to visit them today.

Kyle got a big kick out of the statue near the front entrance. He even came up with a catchy slogan based on this piece of art:

Children's Hospital ~ Where We Treat Children Who Are Treated Like This.

No offense to the hospital or the artist, of course. It was just too funny not to post!

Anyhoo, the main event: TWIN BOYS! Charlie Marvin is on the left, and Breck Thomas is on the right. They were soooooooo sweet and snuggly!

Kyle with little Breck Thomas.

Me with little Charlie Marvin (who weighed only a few ounces less than Rowan when he was born - CRAZY!)
Rowan couldn't see the babies this time, because they're still in the NICU for monitoring (routine for any babies born before 36 weeks). Rowan looks forward to meeting them when they come home!
Congrats Courtney and Joel! You have a beautiful family!

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