Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Truth About Motherhood

The following conversation took place while Rowan was on the toilet. It seems like our most enlightening moments occur in the bathroom. Go figure.

Me: Rowan, please don't kick your pants off! I shouldn't have to keep putting them back on you all the time.
Rowan: Yes you should. You're a mommy.
Me: That doesn't mean that I have to do everything for you.
Rowan: Uh huh. You have to take care of me and Daddy.
Me: Then who takes care of me?
Rowan: Um...[thinks about it...laughs]...I don't know. Maybe I can help you sometimes after I get bigger.
Me: Thanks.
Rowan: I yuv you, Mommy.
Me: I love you too, sweets.

I told this story to Kyle, and he immediately started laughing. Then he asked, "Is that funny or not?"

What do you think?


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Mindi Kay said...

That story reminds me of the book 'I Love You Forever' where the mommy crawls over to the little babes bed at night and carefully picks him up and rocks him and sings him that song-- and then once the Mommy gets too old to do that the son rocks the mom and sings the song to her!

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