Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not What We'd Planned

What a beautiful day for a birthday party!

Unfortunately, Rowan got the stomach flu last night, forcing us to postpone his special day. What could be more miserable than vomiting in a bucket? How about vomiting in a bucket while surrounded by decorations for the party you've been excited about all week? Bummer. Big bummer.

Rowan's feeling quite a bit better this afternoon. Kyle bought him a new movie to watch while he rests on the couch. Hopefully, we'll all be healthy tomorrow and can do something fun on his actual birthday. Looks like yucky weather, though. Maybe a trip to Nickelodeon Universe is in order if Rowan's feeling up to it.

This has been a really tough fall for our family. Since ECFE started, Rowan has had pink eye, a bad cold and the stomach flu. Lovely.

Maybe we're in for a healthy winter. Think so? Bright side...


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