Monday, August 18, 2008

Quotable Rowan

I overheard all of these gems this evening while using the computer in our office:

"Daaaaaad! Get in here and turn the lights on! My pupils are getting way too big from being in this dark room."

"You don't throw things at people — only at robots!"

"Big hyenas are big, but they're scared of big lions because they're, you know, big. And you know, tigers sting because their bodies are big, so they spray out stuff. Big stuff."

"You're a sticky stink bomb."

"I guess I like crazy talk."

Never a dull moment around here.



Tim, Nikki, Caleb, Ellery and Anissa said...

Hey Angie,

It's Nicole-Heidi's friend from work...I was just catching up on your blog-I love your comments. Rowan is a pretty funny kid. anyway, you have "hours/days" posted on your links-how did they get there?

Angie said...

Hey Nicole!

Good to hear from you! I check in on Caleb and Ellery often as well.

As far as the links go, I added a "blog list" instead of using a regular old link list. It's a new feature in blogger. You'll see it on the list of options if you add a new page element. I have my blog list set to put the blog with the most recent update at the top. There are a few other customization options as well.

Does that help?


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