Monday, July 28, 2008

Us, Online

I started a Facebook page. I know, not exactly cutting edge, but I’m a girl who only recently got a cell phone and still watches the television she got for her thirteenth birthday. It’s kind of a big deal.

In the process of building my page and recruiting friends (ugh), I’ve been thinking about our family's “online persona.” I've kept a family blog since Rowan was born. It’s a baby book of sorts that shares Rowan’s growth and development with family and friends. Looking back on it, though, I have to laugh a little. The blog projects an idealized portrait of our life. Brilliant kid. Organic food. Days filled with brain-stimulating activities for mother and child.

Where’s the super-puking (Rowan’s), chocolate binging (mine) and boredom-induced crying (ours)? Gone. Edited out of our online lives. The consequences became clear to me when a friend asked if it was OK that he didn’t have anything organic for Rowan to eat. Confused, I thought, "My kid ate an M&M cookie for lunch. Conventional hamburger buns should be fine." But having related to us for months through our blog, he had come to see us as nutrition zealots.


So here’s to a new start on a NEW blog. We plan to be a little more real and a lot more present -- time permitting, of course (famous last words).



Michelle said...

I'm LOVING your new blog concept! I can't wait to keep reading your insights. And the title is perfect. (A tribute to Sarah McLachlan, perhaps?) Have fun with this blog!

Angie said...

Oh, I love Sarah McLachlan!

That actually reminds me of my "toward vs. towards" debate. I couldn't decide which to use! I found out they're interchangeable, so I just went with what seemed (to me) to be the less sloppy option. I guess toward is more American and towards is more British.

Do normal people worry about this stuff?

Off to the park with Rowan! I expect to be sweaty, frazzled and dirty by the time I get home. Typical day home with a kid!


Michelle said...

I use "toward" as well. And "afterward." "S" is not necessary.

Remind me to lend you my old Sarah McLachlan CD "The Freedom Sessions." Incredible! If you are at book club in September, I'll bring it. Let me know.

Angie said...

I have it! I was a huge Sarah McLachlan fan in high school. Actually, I still am -- just haven't listened to her for a while.

Yes, I think I will be at book club. I was excited to see it rescheduled!

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