Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Newsflash, Designers: I’m Not Pregnant

I hate shopping.

It’s not because I’m one of those “question consumption” hipsters who believes that malls are evil (although I do aspire to be that cool one day). No, I hate shopping because once I find styles that flatter me, the fickle fashion winds change — often blowing in a bad bad direction.

Case in point: the empire-waist shirt.

Seriously, how long will this trend last? No sooner had I popped out Rowan than the fashion world began dressing every woman in maternity clothes.

The "tight around the chest, loose around the belly" silhouette is not flattering on most women, and it’s causing countless avoidable faux pas. (When are you due?) Even the size-zero model pictured above looks like she's sporting a bump.

As a woman who has been pregnant — and has thus seen irreversible changes to her waistline ― the last thing I want is excess volume around my middle. So please, let’s just stop this trend right now.

(Who is oh so disheartened by the empire-waist sweaters she’s seen for fall. Seriously? They’re adding bulky fabric to the mix now?)


Michelle said...

Angie, I hate this trend too. Anytime I try one on, I feel like I look pregnant. And there is nothing more socially awkward than someone asking when you are due, only to have to be put the position to either correct them (embarrassing for them and you!) or to just pretend you are pregnant (embarrassing for just you!).

The Jahnkes said...

I am totally with you on that- and it is even worse when you have big breasts. I keep trying them on because thats mostly what is on the racks and I look huge in them.

Jenna and Andy said...

I just thought the same thing at MOA today! I found a shirt with a cute pattern at Ann Taylor Loft but when I tried it on I looked pregnant! Before I tried it on I thought it would cute for Open House. I don't want parents thinking I'm pregnant:)

Mindi Kay said...

HERE HERE Sister!!! I second that- everytime I go shopping I grab a stack of shirts to try on and 98% of them go back because I say - NOPE I look pregnant again! THe one nice thing though, for my pregnancy I didn't have to shop in the maternity section because regular clothes worked!!!

Tribe of Adeline said...

I agree with you also, Angie! I hated the look until I became I have more options! I can tell you that when this pregnancy is over, I, too, will boycot this trend. Hopefully showing the belly button will not come back....because I'm not doing that one either! cousin Sarah

britta said...

Hey...just happened to click on your blog when I had clicked on someone else's blog, in another blog....woo, did you catch that?! Anyways, I totally agree with you on these shirts. I am only 20, and I have tried these shirts on and boy do I ever look preggo....they need to get rid of these shirts now! I was in the cities yesterday shopping, and at Old Navy, just about every shirt I tried on screamed pregnant. Love your humor in your blog!

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